Food and travel writer, teacher and lecturer

  • B.Sc. in Nutrition and Home Economics at Suhrs College of Home Economics, Copenhagen 1995
  • Qualified chef 1988 and examined sommelier, Vinakademiet, Copenhagen 2014
  • Cookery book author
  • Freelance food writer since 1993
  • Has done numerous jobs for the Danish Meat Association, the Danish Cancer Society and the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration and The Copenhagen House of Food/KÝbenhavns Madhus.
  • Food and travel articles for Danish magazines.
  • Consultant to Cookpad Denmark (2017–2019)
  • HONNING is a shop with local honey, pollen selected by Katrine Klinken. The shop i located in Jægersborggade in Copenhagen – visit and @honning_katrineklinken.
  • For lectures, guided food tours or home cooked Nordic meals and demos in Copenhagen, Japan or other places – please contact Katrine directly for an offer.

It is a great and fundamental joy to put delicious food on the table. Eating together binds us culturally, and cooking for others is an expression of love and care. Food provides the daily energy that sustains us physically, but it should also stimulate us and give us a sensual experience. This is the essence of chef and food writer Katrine Klinken’s work, cooking and communicating the craft of cooking in practice and in a series of books that aim to teach young and old to cook and enjoy food served in many different ways.

Good food must be honest and Katrine always focuses on the ingredients, the craft of cooking and taste. Nobody eats just to keep healthy or to save the world – but it is fine when these things can be combined.

Katrine became a chef in the mid-eighties. As an apprentice to some of the best restaurants in Copenhagen, she learnt the craft of cooking and acquired a fundamental knowledge of excellent restaurant food made from seasonal ingredients. This is still the foundation of her work. Since then she has also taken degrees in nutrition and communication, and this developed her cuisine in a more coarse and healthy direction into simple and wonderful food from the home kitchen. She cannot abide restaurant food that is too fatty, lacking vegetables and good, coarse elements, nor can she accept over-decorated, frivolous and farfetched food. Katrine loves honest food, which can be exquisite when based on produce from small producers who make their mark on the meal, just as the cook does. Home-cooked as well as professionally cooked meals must be genuine, and Katrine enjoys eating at places where you get wonderful taste experiences and sense the chef’s enthusiasm.

Katrine has worked with food and wine paring for several years and has completed a sommelier course.

Katrine is passionate about her work with traditional local dishes that may be in danger of disappearing, such as real smørrebrød. Local dishes should not become museum food. Traditions must be honoured, kept alive and renewed, so they can become part of meals today. This is a view Katrine shares with the international Slow Food Movement that promotes »good, clean and fair« food all. She was convivium leader of Copenhagen-North Zealand 2009-20015 and a member of the International Slow Food Council representing the nordic region 2012–2020.

Katrine takes fresh seasonal ingredients and uses them in simple, exquisite and sometimes untraditional compositions. Many dishes radiate this passion for fresh ingredients that are crucial to a successful meal.

Til forsiden…